Land clearing on Great Barrier Island 

Location: Great Barrier Island

Completion: May 2017

Client: Land Owner

Job description:
In May 2017 Woodbank planned and managed the harvest of approximately 6.6 hectares, or approximately 2,000 tonnes, of mature Radiata pine forest at Tryphena on Great Barrier Island. The operation included barging heavy machinery into Mulberry Grove where it was unloaded while the barge was temporarily beached at low tide. The logs were trucked to the Tryphena port and barged to Marsden Port in 5 separate loads. The entire process went very smoothly with the Land Owner and the Auckland Council very happy with the planning and execution of what was a very complex logistical exercise. 



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Woodbank is an approved Log Trader by the Ministry For Primary Industries
Registration Number: LT-00001576