Woodbank is a New Zealand based, specialist forestry management business.

Woodbank was founded by Darrin Collett in 2004 and initially focused solely on the provision of harvesting and marketing solutions to private forest owners in the Auckland, Northland and Waikato regions as well as Bay of Plenty.

We have worked all over the North Island.

Since then Woodbank has grown its service base to include general forest management, tropical forest management and consulting. We are members of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry.

In 2024 Woodbank will be celebrating it's 20th year in business

To read some of our current case studies click here. To read more about our service areas click on one of the links below:

  • Harvesting & marketing We would offer the best personalised contract to manage your risk expectation to harvest your trees whether it's Managed forest sales, Pay as cut stumpage sales, Log grade sales, Open book management contract or Lump sum purchase.
  • Management We would be responsible for ensuring that every necessary authorisation is obtained to overview the harvesting and getting the best return for your trees.
  • Consulting As members of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry we offer the best advice for all forestry needs 
  • Appraisals Please call us for your forest and woodlot appraisal 

Our Happy Customers


It was a successful and enjoyable experience

Joe Martin


Their commitment to their clients is uncompromising and 100%!

Craig Douglas

The job was completed successfully, with two satisfied clients

Mr Goldring & Mrs Rollonson

Want more money from your trees?

Woodbank is an approved Log Trader by the Ministry For Primary Industries
Registration Number: LT-00001576