Commercial approach cements relationship

Location: Auckland

Completion: Ongoing

Client: Maori Incorporation

Services provided:

  • Strategic overview of forest management
  • Harvesting and marketing advice and services
  • Forest management advice
  • Financial investment analysis
  • Carbon forest registration and mapping

Job description:
Woodbank was initially contracted to provide harvesting and marketing services for the incorporation From there the trustees of the incorporation quickly saw the value in Woodbanks involvement and engaged the business further in management of other aspects of the incorporations forest operations. Woodbank has since been advising the trust on carbon opportunities and has successfully registered the Trust in the ETS and positioned them to maximize the ETS potential from their forest.

Woodbanks services have been integral in the incorporation accessing the appropriate log markets for their forest products, as a result the return received has been excellent. The incorporation have further engaged Woodbank into their forest management, seeking advice on management regimes.

Want more money from your trees?

Woodbank is an approved Log Trader by the Ministry For Primary Industries
Registration Number: LT-00001576